Flow Metering & Analyser Solutions Integrator
Closely connecting our clients to their processes by developing custom measurement solutions of the highest quality.
Custom Sampling Solutions
From design right through to installation, we provide analytical solution focussed entirely on your particular measurement application. No short cuts are taken when producing robust systems that remain reliable and are easily inegrated to your current measurement system.
Over 25 years experience engineering and developing flow metering and analyser systems. We are committed in helping our clients enhance their processes, reduce uncertainty and minimize mismeasurement. We pride ourselves in producing safe, reliable systems and solving your analytical and metering challenges.

“For us, quality, true independence and safety are non-negotiable. We do it right or not at all. Our reputation is based on producing results for our clients. We will go through every system with a fine-tooth comb and think outside the square to deliver innovative systems that work perfectly every time.”

Guillermo Gentile
Senior Metering Engineer
QMI Solutions Group

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