Product Description

Bespoke sample systems designed to easily install, monitor and maintain

Each ACES is designed to meet specific application needs; ensuring sample integrity is maintained throughout the sample extraction and preconditioning process. This particular enclosure consists of a Genie® Direct Drive 750 Probe & GHR Heated Regulator, and is one of the most common configurations in our ACES product line. Visit our ACES Sample Systems page for more information on our bespoke systems.

The probe tip contains Genie® Membrane Technology which separates unwanted liquid aerosols and droplets from the gas sample at process conditions. Next, the heated regulator reduces the sample pressure while preventing condensation from occurring as a result of Joule-Thomson (JT) cooling. The heated enclosure minimizes the effect of ambient temperature on the sample to avoid condensation. These combined actions produce a low pressure, liquid free sample that is representative of the source and ready for transport to the analyzer.

The vertical style enclosure is easy to use and allows the sample pressure and enclosure temperature to be monitored at a quick glance, without having to remove the enclosure. Additionally the tubing, fittings, and other accessories are mounted to a hardware bracket that allows complete removal of the sample probe and/or enclosure without disturbing any of the components mounted on the bracket.