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Headline Filters is Europe’s premier manufacturer of filter elements and housings for the instrumentation and gas analysis market. Calling on over 30 years experience, Headline Filters has become the industry standard. These filters are suitable for a variety of applications and are used in a wide range of industries throughout the world.

Ultra-clean compressed air is most conveniently produced in the production plant by the installation of a well-designed Coalescing Filtration System.This system will remove essentially all solid and liquid contamination, with minimum maintenance and low operating costs. Headline Coalescing Filters remove up to 99.99% of solid and liquid particulate down to 0.1 micron, producing truly clean compressed air.

Headline offers both low pressure and high pressure, quality anodised filters for all your compressed air needs. This includes instrument air and sterile air from 1/8″ NPT up to 2″ NPT ports.


At the heart of the Headline Coalescing Filter is the completely disposable C-type coalescing element. It is compatible with all compressor lubricants and will operate at temperatures up to 150°C.

Liquid collected in the filter bowl can be removed by a manual or fully automatic drain. Headline C-type elements are completely selfsupporting and are sealed into the filter housing simply by tightening a retaining nut. No end caps, gasketing materials or support cores are required. At element change only the filter material itself is discarded, and this complete disposability keeps replacement element costs down.

Coalescing Filtration Diagram
  • Complete removal of oil
  • Water and solids
  • High flow rates
  • Low pressure drops
  • Completely disposable
  • Low Cost
  • Microfibre filter elements
  • Compatible with all compressor lubricants
  • Wide variety of housing sizes & options available
  • Choice of manual or fully automatic drain

High Efficiency Coalescing Air Filters

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