Sampling & Instrumentation Products
We are the Australasian distrubutor for industry leading manufacturers from the UK, USA and Germany. Only products of the hightest quality which meet all safety standards are utilized in our systems or sold individually.

Being the distributors of industry leading products in sampling and instrumentation  we are able to produce systems of the highest quality at a lower costs. Beyond our products and systems, the value stems from our support and expert advice that ensures the best solution.


Our sample taps in conjunction with the appropriate double block and bleed valve are second to none. The A+ Corporation sample probes are the most versatile and safest membrane tip probes on the market. Sample probes are safely retractable during operation for both high and low pressure applications.  

Genie™ and Headline filters™ cover all sample conditioning applications form the lab right through to high flowing saturated process gas samples. Our sample conditioning products are capable of taking any sample of extreme conditions and conditioning it to be compatible with the measurement requirements.

All instruments are assets that must be protected to ensure longevity and reliability, especially analytical equipment. INTERTEC™ has designed and shipped over a million outdoor enclosures since 1965, to protect equipment operating in the most demanding operating conditions on Earth – from Arctic regions to the hottest desert.

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