Heaters for enclosures

Explosion-proof heating systems from INTERTEC

INTERTEC offers the world’s largest selection of explosion-proof heaters, certified for ICExd. The solution to a heating task is the interplay of thermal insulation, mounting position, heater type and the control devices or temperature switches. And the heating tasks have very different requirements. Only the wide spectrum makes it possible to configure the perfect solution with the optimum heat transfer, the best mounting, etc.


  • Approved for Gas-Ex and Dust-Ex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Operating temperature between -60°C and 180°C
  • Protection class IP66/IP68; completely waterproof encapsulated
  • Made of seawater-resistant, black anodized aluminum

Self-limiting Convection Heaters

Self-limiting (SL) heaters generate heat depending on the temperature already reached. The higher the temperature, the lower the heat output. Due to this PTC characteristic, SL heaters approach their set temperature, but never exceed it. External controllers are thus not necessary.


The most compact heating solution. Due to its slim design, this heater can be easily installed next to or between built-in devices

The MULTITHERM is more effective when the available space is less restrictive. Although it is larger, it is more efficient.


Thanks to the compact design of the MEGATHERM, the heater can be easily installed in tight spaces.


This heater can be used very well underneath the installed equipment because of its horizontal construction.

INTERTEC Convection Heaters


The VARITHERM series can provide the required heat output very well by means of differently sized heating ribs and can be designed depending on the required temperature class.

Conduction Heaters

These heaters are attached directly to the components and thus ensure an appropriate operating temperature. The direct heat transfer without an intermediate medium such as air makes conduction heaters more effective than convection heaters. Since the thermal energy is transferred directly to the unit to be heated, the environment heats up much less. Heating blocks are very well suited for heating individual components; provided they have at least one flat surface to which the heater can be attached.

The electric heating block is attached to valve blocks, measuring devices, control valves, etc. and heats these devices by means of heat conduction. This type of frost protection or temperature maintenance is simple, reliable and economical. If required, different adapter plates guarantee an optimal heating of different devices.


Due to its relatively large surface, this heater is suitable for mounting on components with similarly large, flat surfaces. Due to the shape of the heater, it takes up comparatively little space in the housing

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