Instrument & Analyser Enclosures

For over 50 years, INTERTEC has been producing rugged protective enclosures for sensitive equipment and instruments around the world – no matter if they are located in the Arctic or in the desert. INTERTEC is the global market leader in providing unique solutions for the reliable protection of highly sensitive field instrumentation.


INTERTEC enclosures offer protection against:

  • Heat and UV radiation
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Condensation and crystallization
  • Frost
  • Dust and water
  • Corrosive atmospheres/media

Safety & Security

INTERTEC enclosures offer protection against:

  • Explosions/Blasts
  • Fire
  • Mechanical damage
  • Forceful impact
  • Unauthorized access

INTERTEC offers various standard enclosures to protect field-mounted process equipment. Having the broadest range on the market – in sizes and designs – allows us to offer the right enclosure to provide optimal and cost-effective solutions for each application.



INTERTEC protective cabinets and shelters are built using a modular system of wall elements, doors, floor and roof elements. The sandwich components made of polyester composites and polyurethane foam core combine strength and rigidity with above-average protection and are able to withstand any extreme climatic conditions.

INTERTEC protective canopies and sunshades made from GRP offer effective protection for your instrumentation. With various designs and sizes, we offer the right solution for every application. By mounting protective covers to your transmitters, you protect your sensitive equipment from environmental influences. The thermally insulating material also ensures that the heat from solar radiation is not transmitted. 

INTERTEC offers the world’s largest selection of explosion-proof heaters, certified IECEx. The solution to a heating task is the interplay of thermal insulation, mounting position, heater type and the control devices or temperature switches. Heating tasks have very different requirements. Only the wide spectrum makes it possible to configure the perfect solution with the optimum heat transfer, the best mounting, etc able to withstand any extreme climatic conditions.

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