Product Description

The PIP Model 701 The PIP Model 701 is an adjustable length insertion probe that can be inserted/retracted into a pressurized line through a full opening valve without the use of a special insertion device. It is best suited for use with a portable analyzer or when spot sampling is being performed.

The PIP Spot Sampling Manifold is recommended when using the PIP to extract a spot sample as it ensures that the sample path, from the process valve to the cylinder inlet valve, is thoroughly purged. Liquid can be forced through any phase separation membrane when the flow rate through the membrane is too high resulting in excessive differential pressure across the membrane. Opening a ball valve downstream of the membrane to purge a sample cylinder during spot or composite sampling can cause this condition to occur. To safeguard against this excessive differential pressure, we offer an optional flow restrictor that limits the flow through the membrane so as not to exceed a 2 psig drop thus preventing liquids from being forced through the membrane.

The flow restrictor should be selected when a GenieĀ® Membrane Probe is used in spot and composite sampling applications. It is not necessary to use a flow restrictor when sampling from lines that have a very low pressure or when there will be a constant flow through the probe.



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