Protective canopies and sunshades

INTERTEC protective canopies and sunshades made from GRP offer effective protection for your instrumentation. With various designs and sizes, we offer the right solution for every application. By mounting protective covers to your transmitters, you protect your sensitive equipment from environmental influences. The thermally insulating material also ensures that the heat from solar radiation is not transmitted. Due to a variety of brackets, our protective covers and canopies can also be mounted directly on fittings from various manufacturers.


The simplest and most cost-effective design. It offers effective environmental protection combined with optimum free access to the instrument. Additionally, we offer mounting material for direct mounting on the transmitter housing. Various mounting brackets are available for the respective device types of well-known manufacturers. 


DIASHADE™ canopies provide greater coverage, offering maximum protection on the sides as well. The curved shape allows rain and melt water to flow off easily.


Light-duty cabinets (IP65 as standard) for free-standing or wall-mounted applications. Available in sizes up to 2 m high, 1.3 m wide, 1 m deep. Double-walled GRP skins with PU foam cores provide excellent durability. C-rails offer excellent mounting flexibility.

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