Kinetic Separator

The Sheffield patented Dual Chamber Kinetic Separator provides maximum separation of heavy particulate. Although kinetic energy will physically separate impurities, it will not alter the chemical composition of the sample. Now the benefits of the Sheffield Dual Chamber Kinetic Separation are available to condition laboratory samples either in the field or in the laboratory.

The Sheffield Separator uses kinetic energy to separate the representative analyzer sample from impurities found in a process stream.
This is accomplished by establishing a flow path through the 1st chamber and reversing the flow of a relatively small Bypass sample. Solid
contaminants and immiscible liquids in the liquid samples will not negotiate this complete reversal of flow direction and exit the bottom of the separator. The Kinetic Energy caused by this reversal initially removes the impurities from the Bypass stream through gravity and inertia. To further effect this separation and filtration a second kietic chamber with a hydrophobic filter polishes the sample. The second chamber also experiences Kinetic Separation and removes the remaining impurities from the slip stream. The sample is lighter than the immiscible liquids and solids (particulates) in liquid samples.

Kinetic Separators

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