LNG sample probe-vaporizer by ASaP B.V

The Phazer is the only cryogenic LNG probe-vaporizer that provides verifiably accurate and representative LNG samples from as low as 0,5 barg.

ASaP (Analytical Solutions and Products B.V) engineers and manufactures LNG analysis and LNG sampling systems with a wide variety of gas analyzing and LNG sampling options and solutions.

  • The Phazer conforms to ISO 8943:2007 and surpasses NEN-EN 12838:2000
  • The Phazer is available in a wide array of models to suit your process specific needs
  • The Phazer minimizes LNG transfer time at FSRU’s
  • The Phazer has no moving parts
  • The Phazer provides accurate and representative LNG samples from 0,5 barg


Your LNG measurement is only as accurate as your provided sample…

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