Flow Metering Systems
We deliver modern, innovative flow metering solutions fitted to our clients application, financial limits and contractual regulations. Fully integrated metering skids compliant with zone 1, zone 2 and ISO 5725-1 standards. Completed with instrumentation, analysers and sampling systems.


Natural gas metering is at the foundation of QMI Integrated Solutions. We provide turn key solutions. We produce designs and third party verification for compliance with metering  regulations. We focus on developing reliable and repeatable gas metering systems that continue perform.



Our projects span across the globe from small metering stations to multi stream metering skids. Our expertise in metering and on line analysers allows us to produce highly accurate solutions that meet your liquid flow measurement requirements. Measurements including density, viscosity, vapor pressure and composition. 



We understand that sampling and metering LNG is by nature a very complicated process. At QMI Solutions our metering engineers are trained and highly experienced with cryogenic sampling systems and metering systems.


flow metering
integrated solutions.

Our metering solutions

  • Optimize operations to maximize yields and profits.
  • Provide immediate savings through improved operations.
  • Ensure regulatory. measurement requirements are met.
  • Provide auditing and verification for your metering systems.
  • Assist you with a wide range of metering, instrumentation calibration and testing.
  • Offer metering training courses for every level of staff expertise.

With your specific requirements, our metering engineers will

  • Provide a solution and the technical knowledge to complete your meter station project, minimizing measurement uncertainty.
  • Ensure that all your equipment is correctly sized and selected.
  • Develop your deliverables.
  • Ensure your system is compliant with your local, national, international industry specific measurement standards.
  • Provide all the maintenance procedures and training for your personal to operate, maintain and repair all the components of the station.
  • Provide verification and mismeasurement procedures according to local codes and regulations.

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