About us
Quality Measurment and Instrumentation Integrated Solutions

Our mission is to generate the utmost confidence in our clients with their processes by delivering the safest, most reliable bespoke analytical and flow measurement solutions of the highest quality.

We are a team of analyser and metering engineers working closely with experienced technicians to produce high quality, reliable fiscal metering and process analyser systems for liquid and gas applications. QMI Solutions also offers support and consultancy which encompass all types of flow metering & analyser systems. Our team can provide the answers you need to solve your fluid measurement goals or challenges.

We understand that every client's flow measurement system needs are unique, so every system we build is tailored to the exact requirements of each individual client. We will design and supply you with analytical or metering system solution that offers you the best possible technical and economical solution for your particular requirements. When you contact us, we always begin the system build process by taking the time to understand your specific needs. What we do next will depend on your requirements and whether you require a new system or an upgrade of an existing system. Once your system is in place, we continue to work in partnership with your company, with maintenance, repair and support services for your system

Our vision is to be the most trusted system integrator and service provider for all gas and liquid measurements.

Client commitment: We put our clients first, not the vendor. We work extensively to provide innovative solutions that satisfy our clients measurement goals and requirement.

Safety: Under no circumstances do we compromise safety on any of our solutions and systems. We simply do not move forward with the purchase order.

Quality: We are strict with our quality management and have zero tolerance for taking short cuts when delivering solutions to high risk and highly regulated industries. We only integrate industry-leading, certified components in our solutions.

Integrity: Honesty and being completely transparent is at the core of our team. Building trust and maintaining our respected reputation is paramount to us.

Sustainability: We are conscious of our footprint with every project. We closely monitor and do our absolute best in reducing any emissions vented.

Our turn-key flow metering systems can include:

  • Fully integrated metering skids
  • Flowmeters
  • Valves and piping
  • Secondary Instrumentation
  • Metering houses
  • Sampling systems
  • Analyser systems
  • Supervisory and flow computer systems
  • Flow computers
  • Control panels
  • Customer interfaces
  • Validation systems
  • Meter prover systems 

We also take care of:

  • Design and engineering
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing of complete skids
  • Calibration, integrated testing, and certification
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Training and support
  • Project engineering

Our technical solutions, support and consultancy encompasses:

  • Certification of oil and gas metering allocation systems.
  • Measurement uncertainty analysis for gas and liquid hydrocarbons metering systems.
  • Inspection auditing services for certification of oil and gas metering allocation systems.
  • Audit and compliance services for every stage of flow measurement systems, including development, design, installation, commissioning and operation.
  • Engineering studies of proposed metering system to ensure it is suitable for your intended usage.
  • Metering documentation for the commissioning, operation and routine calibration of a metering system.
  • Flow measurement training for process engineers, analyser technicians and production supervisors.
  • Measurement system support to manage your measurement requirements and provide dynamic uncertainty models for any measurement, allocation or pipeline system.
  • Metering engineering and services for custody transfer, allocation and bunkering systems.
  • Analytical systems training for process engineers, analyser technicians and production supervisors.

“For us, quality, true independance and safety are non-negotiable. We do it right or not at all. Our reputation is based on producing results for our clients. We will go through every system with a fine-tooth comb and think outside the square to deliver innovative systems that work perfectly every time.”

Guillermo Gentile - Senior Metering Engineer, QMI Solutions Group

Connecting Measurement with Performance.