Process Analyser Systems
Our team at QMI Integrated Solutions have over 25 years of experience with process analyser systems. We are a small team of senior engineers and highly qualified instrumentation technicians. Collaboratively producing high end analyser systems that comply with hazardous area Zone 1, Zone 2 standards.


Process analyzer systems are the heart of QMI Integrated Solutions. We have encountered an expansive range of process analyzer applications with multiple manufacturers. We remain an independent company who holds no bias towards our clients process analysis requirements which enables us to engineer systems focused to your needs. An array of solutions can be generated where reliability and safety is never compromised. At QMI Integrated Solutions we can design systems or use our expertise to procure your most viable and cost effective option.

INTERTEC Analyser Enclosures

Our in-house work shop has the capability to produce turn-key analyser solutions within an enclosure, all pre-piped, pre-wired, assembled and tested, ready to rapidly be installed on site and integrated to the system.Our enclosures are manufactured in Germany by Intertec – with countless sizes and specifications. The  procurement of parts and assembling is done in-house in our workshop in Auckland.  The tubing, wiring and testing is carried out by qualified technicians and engineers all to ISO:9001:2008 standards to meet industry regulations.



We understand a project’s success by doing what matters most, delivering objectives on time and on budget. The key our seamless analyzer system integration comes from a blend of exceptional project management and analyzer expertise. Our turn-key analyzer systems are built for fast commissioning to make the integration process easy as possible. Our shelters are manufactured by Intertec who have over 50 years experience in producing instrumentation protection for harsh environments. All process analyzer systems are tested with gases to minimize site installation work. 


From design, through to commissioning.

End-to-End services include:

  • Design
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Functional testing
  • Calibration
  • Spare parts

We will:

  • Optimize your analytical system to maximize yields and profits.
  • Provide immediate savings through improved measurement.
  • Ensure regulatory. measurement requirements are met.
  • Provide auditing and verification for your analytical systems.
  • Assist you with a wide range of maintenance and calibration.

With your specific requirements, our engineers will:

  • Provide a solution and the technical knowledge to complete your analytical.
  • Ensure that all your equipment is correctly sized and selected.
  • Develop your deliverables.
  • Ensure your system is compliant with your local, national, international industry specific measurement standards.
  • Provide all the maintenance procedures and training for your personal to operate, maintain and repair all the components.
  • Provide verification and mismeasurement procedures according to local codes and regulations.

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