Sampling System Solutions
We specialize in sampling systems engineering and truly understand their crucialty to reliable analysis. Our sampling system experts spend equally as much time redesigning existing sampling systems as they do, designing and commission new solutions. Whether your current system is not performing or a new custom built system is required, QMI Integrated Solutions can solve your challenges.

Sampling Tap

The probe is the tap where the process fluid meets the sampling system. Getting the tap right goes beyond a simple hole in the process, the location and design of the tap can dictate the success or failure of an entire system. A bad tap can invalidate the sample before it enters the transport line. We critically go over the measurement application to find exactly where the ideal sample point would be and how the tap will be. 

Conditioning Panels

One of the most problematic parts in a sampling system can be the removal of liquids or solid particles. Often, the most commonly reported of all sample systems failures is the blocking of probes, filters and lines by solids from the process. Our team will conduct on-site studies and evaluate the most appropriate solution for your application. Reliability and user-friendliness is at the core of our sample conditioning panel design.

Design & Build

Our team provides complete solutions from custom engineering design to building and commissioning analyser sampling systems. Sampling panels are designed to reliably meet your measurment requirments repeatedly and safely. Being partnered with industry leading manufacturers from all over the world we are able to produce systems of the highest quality at a reasonable cost.  

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