Sampling Systems

Leaders of industrial sampling systems in Australia and New Zealand

We specialize in sampling systems engineering and truly understand their crucialty to reliable analysis. Our sampling system experts spend equally as much time redesigning existing sampling systems as they do, designing and commission new solutions. Whether your current system is not performing or a new custom built system is required, QMI Integrated Solutions can help you to solve your challenges.

Complete Sampling Solution

From sample point right through to the analyser inlet, we provide state of the art systems that are precisely representative of the process.

Sample Extraction Solutions

The sampling point is the first step towards a reliable analysis and in most cases we have found is the one that is repeatedly done incorrectly. The rest of the sampling system cannot recover from a badly extracted sample. 

Sampling Conditioning Solutions

Ensure long life for your analyser and keep down time minimal by injecting compatible samples into the analyser. We build custom sampling conditioning cabinets tailored to your sample challenges and analyser requirements.

Sampling System Audit

We understand the the complexities of sampling and are aware of the lack of reliability and performance of an analyser is directly linked to the sampling system. At QMI we offer an extensive, detailed sample system audit carried out by our analyser engineers where a report is presented with various ways your sampling system could be enhanced. Often there are unseen oportunities where small tweaks can result in significant enhancements.

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